Waterfall Walk I

Why worthwhile? The unique, yet beautiful waterfalls in the Vale Of Neath area.

Starting Point: Parking lot at the “Information Center” in “Pontneddfechan” (located in “The Vale of Neath”), accessible via the A465 from “Neath”. [Neath, Wales – Great Britain]

Distance: 7 km

Difficulty Rating: 2

Details: Mainly forest paths. Route from the parking lot to “Swgd Gwladys” without any difficulties worth mentioning. Route to the “Horseshoe Falls” and “Dalwli Falls” narrower and steeper. Good footwear is recommendable. Watch out, slippery stones!

Route description

From the “Information Center” (interesting information booklet “Waterfall Walks” available here) we walk past the “The Angel Inn”. Behind the Inn we go through the fence (signposts “Sgwd Gwladys, Lady Falls”) and past the information board.

A beautiful path (with several bridges) through the woods follows. Walking upwards at an easygoing pace we reach “Pump Pwll”: the place where the 2 rivers “Pyrddin” and “Neath” join. A bit further up there’s a bridge: we don’t cross this until later, first we keep left here towards the fall “Swgd Gwladys” (“Lady Falls”).

At a low water level one can cross this river by foot (watch out for the very slippery stones!) and on the other side we walk back towards the bridge. At a high water level we go back the way we came to the bridge and cross the river there. At the bridge we find sign posts to the “Horseshoe Falls” and “Dalwli Falls”.

This route is a lot steeper and narrower, yet there is a good path. First we reach the “Horseshoe Falls”. Keeping left for a while we reach the “Lower Dalwli Falls” and a bit further on the “Upper Dalwli Falls”. This is also the return point of the route. Going back the way we came we walk back to the parking lot.

Done in 2006.