Travel Photography Lifehack – Take a photo of a map!

We tend to take pictures of nearly EVERYTHING, but sometimes we forget to take images of something actually USEFUL: for example a map!

Travel Photography Lifehack - Take a photo of a map.

Let me explain.

Normally we take a GPS device or (at least) a map with us when going on a hike, or day tour with our car. However sometimes we forget the GPS or simply don’t have a map of the region. In that case we look around at the place we start and most of the times (especially in well known, much visited (touristic) regions) we’ll find a large (wooden) signpost with a map. Very often such maps are placed in town squares, at car parks, along (hiking) trails, at cable railway stations or at mountain cabins for example.

Maybe it’s not always very detailed (or very realistic for that matter, see the post image!), it can get you in the right direction. We always take a photo of such a map, or a couple if it won’t fit in one image, so we can reference it while hiking (or driving) later on.

It might be a very obvious thing to do, but it won’t be the first time people ask us for directions and once we show them a photo of such a map, they respond “Wow, that’s clever! We should have done that too”. :)

Oh, and don’t forget: nowadays practically every phone has a camera! ;)

Do you have any photography tips and tricks that can be useful when travelling? Let us know in the comments below!

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