All-In(clusive) Cards

In most regions in Austria you can purchase an All-Inclusive-Card which gives you free (or reduced) admissions to many sights and attractions throughout that particular region. With this card you really can save money!

Here’s a short list of regions where you can use these cards:

(this list is by far not complete – ask your local tourist office if they have such a special card as well)

Bieler Spitze (2545m)

Why worthwhile? Very nice view from the summit (towards the surrounding 3000m peaks and the lake).

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Drei Schwestern (2053m)

Why worthwhile? Excellent climb through high rocks. Spectacular perspective from the top.

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Gehrenfalben (1938m)

Why worthwhile? Easy to begin with, nice view at the top.

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Geiss Spitze (2334m)

Why worthwhile? Very beautiful trip across a ridge with a view across the whole Rätikon (with as highlight the Drei Türme), but also towards the Hinteres Montafon and Silbertal.

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