Enjoying the spectacular view from Krn (Slovenia)

The 360 degree panorama from Krn (2244m) in the Julian Alps is spectacular! With a view on Triglav in the North and a view of the Gulf of Venice and the Adriatic Sea in the South. Route including GPS / GPX data.

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Frühmesser (2233m)

Why worthwhile? Beautiful lookout mountain that isn’t to much touristy. With view of the Hohe Tauern and Kitzbühler Alpen (with Grosser Rettenstein).

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Hoffmanns Hütte (2444m)

Why worthwhile? Beautiful view of the Glockner and Pasterze. At the end of the day (and if it’s not too busy) good chance of spotting Murmeltieren.

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Konigsleiten (2315m) – Falschriedel (2420m)

Why worthwhile? Because of the magnificent view of the Hohe Tauern.

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