Family-friendly hike to the Blaen-y-glyn Waterfall (Brecon Beacons)

Why worthwhile? A gorgeous waterfall and several cascades hidden in a small forest valley in the middle of the Brecon Beacons. Route including GPS / GPX data.

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Why worthwhile? A lot of diversity; from the well known tourist attractions to the more quiet city park and the narrow quaint streets. Of course you won’t see the whole city, but you will get a great general impression of Rome!

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Port Eynon Point

Why worthwhile? Getting a breath of fresh air at the beach and on a high cliff with a beautiful view across the see and the surrounding area.

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Why worthwhile? Despite that the duration of the tour is short, the ravine is still spectacular enough for a visit.

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Lienzer Spaziergang

Why worthwhile? Short walk to get to know the town a bit better.

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