Mottakopf (2176m)

Why worthwhile? Very nice view – looking down on the village Brand, a 1000m. below.

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Niggenkopf Tour

Why worthwhile? Nice forest climb, quiet and beautiful view from Niggenkopf towards Zimba and Brandner Mittagsspitze.

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Schafgafall (2414m)

Why worthwhile? Quiet summit, far away from the tourism, in a very beautiful environment.

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Schesaplana (2965m)

Why worthwhile? Highest mountain in the region – very good view at the top because of the height.


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Zimba Joch (2387m)

Why worthwhile? Very adventurous tour in a quiet area. Very nice view at Zimba Joch towards Drusenfluh / Drei Türmer / Sulzfluh.

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