Sentiero Bonacossa – South

Why worthwhile? Impressive (climbing) tour straight through the pointy Cadini mountains.

Starting point: Rifugio Col de Varda (2130m), accessible via the Col de Varda lift (chair lift) from Lago di Misurina. [Misurina (1756m) – Belluno, Italy]

Time: 4 – 4½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 5 / [A]

Details: Adventurous route straight through the Cadini group (Sextener Dolomieten). Steep passages both going up as down the mountain, multiple steel cable protections and steel stairs. From rifugio Fratelli Fonda Savio good mountain paths. Trittsicherheit, Schwindelfreiheit and clear weather are a must!

Route description

With the chair lift we go up to Rifugio Col de Varda (2130m). Here road signs point to road no. 117: “Sientiero Alberto Bonacossa”. The first part goes across a well worn out mountain path past the flank of the Cima Cadin della Neve, named “Grave delle Misurina”. At the end our first climb follows: through a narrow, steep mountain basin (“Cadin di Misurina”) we reach “Forcella Misurina” (2395m). This first climb is partially secured with steel cables.

At the top of the narrow passageway we can see that we need to descend a bit first. Across a steep part we descend using steel cables through a narrow mountain basin (2 steel stairs are not really good for use any more). Trittsicherheit and Schwindelfreiheit are a necessity here! The route then turns to the right (east), across a small plateau and further down below overhanging rock formations (again steel cables). After this we descend steeply in turns in to a large basin named “Cadin della Neve”. We are now in the middle of the Cadini group.

AT the lowest point of the path we cross road no. 118. This can serve as an “escape route” down in to the valley if necessary. We now continue in north-eastern direction across the Sentiero Bonacossa and in turns steeply climb up again across boulders and gravel. We then turn right in to a passage of sorts. Three steel stairs help during the tiresome yet fun climb to our second passage of the day: “Forcella del Diavolo” (2380m).

From here most of the climbing is over and done with. The descent from Forcella del Diavolo goes across a steep descending path of gravel and flint (trittsicherheit!). Multiple paths are present: the marked route is indicated by red dots. At the bottom of the rock face of Col Cadin Nord-Ovest we find a red arrow with the text “Fonda Savio” pointing left. A short steep climb across gravel brings us to the bottom of “Rifugio Fratelli Fonda Savio” (2359m). Here we go right a bit across the “tourist route” to the cabin (simple passage using steel cables).

The way back in to the valley although long, is not difficult. We follow road no. 115. On the right-hand side of the valley Cadin dei Tocci we slowly descend towards a steeper part. Here we go right and continue in an arc (which can be cut). We end up at “Pian dei Spiriti” (1896m). At a fork (striking tree exactly on the fork) we go left on to an old road (also road no. 115) and follow it to the valley station of the chair lift and also our starting point.

Done in 2005.