Krimmler Wasserfälle (1465m)

Why worthwhile? Overwhelming waterfalls are to be admired on a well marked route. The masses of people decline the more you climb upwards. The ‘Alte Taurenweg’ is practically abandoned compared to the way up.

Starting point: One of the parking lots that have been constructed to offer the large amount of people a parking space or in the village of Krimml itself (sporadic) [Krimml 1076m. – Oberpinzgau – Pinzgau].

Total time: 2½ hours.

Difficulty Rating: 2

Details: Trip over well maintained paths and roads that are often constructed at a steep angel. Good condition is preferable! The ‘Alte Tauerenweg’ is dangerously slippery especially during / after rain, yet harmless.

Route description

We park our car on a parking lot in the village Krimml itself because the 4 Wasserfälle- parking lots next to the main road are full. A disadvantage is that we need to walk a little bit further to the starting point of the trip, but the advantage is that this parking lot is free. But still: it is a small parking lot, we were lucky a space was free.

We walk towards the Mautstelle of the Gerlos Hochalpenstrasse. On the right-hand side a small but hardened road descends to the ‘cash register’ of the Krimmler waterfalls (with a Salzburgerlandcard the entrance is free for one time!). We pass several souvenir shops.

Right before the cash register we come to a fork in the road (with a kind of square, souvenir shops and restaurant). Here we go straight forward. To the left we see the path where we will return to. At the following fork we go left first and make a trip to the Untere Achenfall, the 1st of 3 waterfalls that combined form the Krimmler Wasserfälle. We can reach very closely to the falls by climbing over some rock formations; very overwhelming … and wet!

After this first introduction with the waterfalls we walk back to the fork and now follow the road on the right hand side: the Wasserfallweg. This broad and well maintained path often rises steeply but isn’t dangerous. At many places we have a beautiful view of the waterfall. After a steep climb we reach Ghf. Schönangerl (1306m.)

Consequently we climb on to the top waterfall. Again via a well maintained but steep path. After a pretty tiring climb we reach the “starting point” of the fall (Oberen Achenfall). From this point we continue by crossing a bridge over the river (Schettbrücke) and walk on for about 50 meter. Here we reach a supply road that we follow to the left (a sharp left!). A little further mountain upwards we reach a 300 meter long and dark tunnel. Right before the tunnel entrance we go left on to the Alte Tauerenweg (forest path).

Through the woods and using a stony path we descend rather steeply. The markings are red/white. During rainy weather many of the stones are treacherously slippery, so pay attention! After a while we reach a supply road. Here we go right for about 50 meters where we find a sign saying ‘Alte Tauernweg’. Here we go left further in to the woods, descending over a stony path again. We are now walking alongside the river again and Ghf Schönangerl (which we can’t reach from our position because of the river!). During our descent we have a view of the waterfalls again, now seen from the other side.

After a firm descent, the path crosses over into a broader path and doesn’t descend so steeply any more. We reach the bridge which brings us back to the cash register of the Krimmler Wasserfälle.

Done in 2004.

You can find this trail also on GPSies!