Cinque Terre Insider

So now and then we like to present great travel websites elsewhere on the internet! Here’s one of them:

Cinque Terre Insider

If you ever plan to visit Italy’s Cinque Terre (national) park, start by visiting this website! It contains very useful and practical information (especially when travelling with kids), all written by an American woman living and working in this region for many years.

There are many websites about the well known 5 villages, but it is likely that this site is the only one you’ll ever need to read to find your way there :)

4 thoughts on “Cinque Terre Insider”

  1. Hi Amy, I already have room reservations in Levanto for Sept. 19 and Sept. 20. My also 75 year old traveling companion Susan and I will be taking a lesson at the Cinque Terre Cooking School in Monterossa on the 20th. We plan to spend one more day in CT area, so we need a room for the night of Sept. 21. Can you suggest which town to look for that room and perhaps an activity? On Sept. 22, we take the train to Varenna. Grazie in advance.

    1. Dear Martha,

      Thank you for your comment, however I don’t think Amy (from Cinque Terre Insider) will see this question because you have posted it on our website (which is not directly related nor affiliated with Cinque Terre Insider). Please visit Amy’s website directly via and post you question there again!

      Enjoy this beautiful piece of Italy :)


  2. Grazie mille! I am so flattered and appreciative of your shoutout. And I’m super pleased that you found my blog helpful. Take care and happy travels! -Amy

    1. Hi Amy,

      You are very welcome! Your information helped us on a couple of occasions at CT (parking in La Spezia, walking around in Manarola, things like that). The site is easy to go through and contains very useful content, so keep it up ;)

      Cheers, Ronald

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