Travel Report Greece 2010

After all these years of wanting to go to Greece we finally did it. We have had a beautiful and unforgettable round trip, seen and done a lot, but it wasn’t a “sit back and relax” holiday. Maybe plan one stop less in between next time!

Greece has a lot to offer: art, culture, good food and drinks, sun, sea and the beach to imposing mountains, with in between many remnants from ancient times. So many that it’s sometimes a bit too much, or as a British tourist at one of our archaeological sites put so well: “If you’ve seen one broken pot, you’ve seen ’em all” :)

Anyway, going back at least once is definitely necessary to visit the rest of this special country (and the islands)!

Refuge Astraka (1930m)

Why worthwhile? One of THE mountain hikes in the Aoös National Park region. Impressive surroundings, beautiful mountain cabin.

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Vikos Gorge Viewpoint Beloi

Why worthwhile? The view from Beloi across the spectacular Vikos gorge at a place where not many tourists come.

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Stanley Hotel – Athens (Attica)

Large hotel near the actual city centre. Although the hotel is located in the centre of Athens, it is easy to reach.

There is an underground parking underneath the hotel (not included in room price), which is very convenient. Right outside the hotel there is a subway station. Maybe the hotel looks a bit outdated, it is suitable for a short stay. Nice roof top terrace! We have stayed here for a couple of nights during our 2010 trip to Greece.

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