About Us

As a (young) family we like to “go out and see the world” and most of the times we take notes (and a lot of photographs as well), hence the name of this website (Travel.log). All information is categorized in Countries and consists of amongst others travel reports, hiking tours, driving road descriptions and day trips.

On our journeys, we like to visit places where ‘the Tourist’ does not go to (much). Yes, of course we visit the well known tourist places, but here we try to find these beautiful spots unknown to mass tourism! :)

For us no big hotels or all-inclusive holidays, but preferably small holiday homes and simply going our own way. So mainly on this website you won’t find Wikipedia or Tourist Office information, but nice and quiet (mountain-) tours, proper “driving roads” and fun day trips to the somewhat lesser known sights :)

This website is a non-commercial private initiative with the purpose of sharing our experience so it can serve as a source of information for planning travels and day trips (please read the disclaimer before using any content on this website).

Because we’re Dutch, the site is also (as much as possible) translated into the Dutch language.

Ronald & Amy and our adventurous toddler boy Trystan :)

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