Dear visitor, as you may have noticed I haven’t been adding new content to this site for quite some time now (most recent post is from December 2016). That’s not because we don’t “go out and see the world” any more – because we do. The main reason is that other interests have taken over; mainly photography and a new website! This means that I’m going to decommission this website over the next couple of months (end of 2018 at the latest). Selected valuable posts I’ll probably transfer to the new website, or maybe a blog post on my main domain. (GPS) Tracks will continue to be available on GPSies and/or WikiLoc.

Thank you for your visits, we hope it has been worth your while :)

Photographer Spotlight: Serge Ramelli

There are a lot of photographers that inspire me. One of them is French photographer Serge Ramelli.

A couple of years ago I started shooting in RAW and retouching my photo’s in Lightroom. I searched the internet for tutorials and quickly found the YouTube channel of the self-taught French photographer Serge Ramelli. His photography work and retouching tutorials are both excellent and inspiring, so I started following him and can highly recommend his short tutorials (which are free!) and full digital courses (which are available via his website).

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