As a (young) family we like to “go out and see the world” and most of the times we take notes (and a lot of photographs as well), hence the name of this website (Travel.log). All information is categorized in Countries and consists of amongst others travel reports, hiking tours, driving road descriptions and day trips. Scroll down for the latest additions, or read more about us here!

Photographer Spotlight: Serge Ramelli

There are a lot of photographers that inspire me. One of them is French photographer Serge Ramelli.

A couple of years ago I started shooting in RAW and retouching my photo’s in Lightroom. I searched the internet for tutorials and quickly found the YouTube channel of the self-taught French photographer Serge Ramelli. His photography work and retouching tutorials are both excellent and inspiring, so I started following him and can highly recommend his short tutorials (which are free!) and full digital courses (which are available via his website).

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The Photographer’s Ephemeris Quick Start Guide

If there’s ever one (online) tool that you need if you take photography a bit more serious than casual snapshots, it a sunrise / sunset calculator! There are plenty, but The Photographer’s Ephemeris is very good one. Plus it’s free!

And it’s actually quite easy to use. Without getting too much in to detail, here’s a quick guide to get you going:

  1. Visit the browser application here: http://app.photoephemeris.com
  2. Use the (Google) Maps to go to a location.
  3. Place the “red pin” (top right corner of the map) on to the map.
  4. Once placed you can drag the pin around: left-click + hold the mouse button while dragging.

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Travel Photography Lifehack – Take a photo of a map!

We tend to take pictures of nearly EVERYTHING, but sometimes we forget to take images of something actually USEFUL: for example a map!

Let me explain.

Normally we take a GPS device or (at least) a map with us when going on a hike, or day tour with our car. However sometimes we forget the GPS or simply don’t have a map of the region. In that case we look around at the place we start and most of the times (especially in well known, much visited (touristic) regions) we’ll find a large (wooden) signpost with a map. Very often such maps are placed in town squares, at car parks, along (hiking) trails, at cable railway stations or at mountain cabins for example.

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(Nederlands) Avondje Freiburg op doorreis? Overnacht in de buurt van Munzingerstrasse!

(Nederlands) Reis je naar bijvoorbeeld Italië en wil je in (zuid-) Duitsland overnachten? Dan is Freiburg een mooie stad om te verblijven. Wil je ook nog makkelijk doen én relatief goedkoop? Overnacht dan in de buurt van de Munzingerstrasse!

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(Nederlands) Accommodatie Ramslia Hytte, Noorwegen

(Nederlands) Ben je op zoek naar accommodatie op een unieke locatie? En vind je het niet erg om een beetje afgelegen te verblijven? Boek dan een aantal overnachtingen in Ramslia Hytte! Een echte aanrader!

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